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Jenny Jolliffe

Slice of life gym - Jenny Jolliffe

This is me! After some 3 decades of working in the health and fitness industry I have never felt more driven to share my love of an active life with others.  Change is one of life's biggest challenges and Slice of Life is about helping people embrace positive change whatever age and stage of life.  We strive to provide access to the best support from the most passionate and knowledgeable individuals in your community.

Lee McIntosh

Slice of life gym - Lee McIntosh

I am so lucky to be able to make a living by doing what I love, having fun with great people helping them share my love of fitness.  Over the years of training instructors and running my own studio in Portugal the constant is the energy and enthusiasm that a group of people working out together can bring, bring it on!

Kim Lee

Slice of life gym - Kim Lee

Natalie Bond 

Whilst pursuing a career as a dancer I found my passion for health and fitness. I like nothing more than the sound of a class whooping and cheering as they are working out.  A room full of people working hard to achieve their goals is my inspiration. Having fun whilst working out is my biggest passion and it's a real joy to do that with incredible people for a living. 

I love what I do because I get to help people achieve their personal goals and improve themselves. Anything is possible and the challenge never gets easier, you just get stronger!

Slice of life gym - Clare Bairam

Clare Bairam

I found fitness later in life and never looked back.  I fell in love with BODYCOMBAT  became an instructor and have since added various classes to my repetoire including BODYBALANCE and my own style of LEGS BUMS and TUMS.  Sweating and working out together creates a bond; I love the people I have met and the friends I have made; we work hard but always smile when done!

Slice of life gym - Jon Bairam

Jon Bairam

I started my fitness & health journey as a 150kg 30-something with a sedentary job and lots of stress.  My wife dragged me along to a BODYPUMP class and I was hooked. I became inspired by BODYCOMBAT and healthy living and decided I wanted to share my love. I now teach BODYCOMBAT & SH'BAM; having discovered my inner dancer. I still have a stressful day job but am much better equipped to deal with it.

Slice of life gym - Marie McKay

Marie McKay

Chris Franks

Having started my working life as a school teacher in Ashford I am now a  trainer with over 14 years of experience in the business. I am a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast and am passionate about sharing the countless benefits of a healthy lifestyle with other people and helping them achieve their goals. I love self-development and further learning and have a long list of qualifications including a BSc. in Psychology and Human Biology.

Slice of life gym - Chris Franks

I have always been interested in sport and fitness, having played rugby for 12 years and competed in athletics for 3 years. I studied sport and fitness for over 10 years and have been in the health and fitness industry full time now over 7 years. I specialise in and am passionate about HIIT (high intensity interval training), core training, Pilates and more.

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