Our top tips to make exercise a slice of life 




Have you always wanted to become fitter but dread the idea of going to the gym of not knowing where to start or what to do or doing an exercise that you hate? People regularly set fitness goals each year but can find it difficult to keep exercising because they lose the motivation to develop a healthier lifestyle. Commonly people set goals but find it difficult to reach those goals and stay motivated, so they end up giving up. It’s important to note that fitness does not have to be boring at all, we can all incorporate ways we enjoy moving into a workout routine.    


Our tips to make fitness and exercise a more enjoyable experience to help form new habits: 


1. Make sure you are focussing on one body part at a time

If you find yourself getting tired of always running or just lifting weights, then try focussing on different muscle groups and body parts at different times. One of your workouts could be focussed on increasing your heart rate, another workout could be focussed on legs/glutes and another on the upper body. We encourage you to focus on different muscle groups because if you do the same exercise over and over again this can become tiring and boring for people. If you change what you work on for each workout then you limit the risk of burning out. Also, if you are always working out with the same muscle groups and routine you won’t be working on your whole body which means you are not getting the most out of your workouts!


2. Make note of your favourite types of exercise 

Remember exercise and fitness does not need to be boring! Newbies to the gym often assume that long workouts equal clock watching and waiting for your planned workout slot to finish. But, you shouldn't have to dread working and improving yourself physically and mentally. This is why you should focus and include exercise which you enjoy doing. For example, you may love dancing, so try incorporating a dance workout in your routine such as one of our SH’BAM classes at Slice of Life. Consider a strength class such as BODYPUMP or Pilates on the days in between. By adding variety and changing up your routine you are making exercising more fun. 


3. Do more of your favourite things

Time passes much faster when you are doing something which you enjoy, so consider adding enjoyable exercises and workouts to your routines. If you enjoy reading then, find some good audiobooks which interest you and listen to them while you exercise! Have you got a favourite band or artist? Create a playlist of your favourite songs for when you exercise. You might even have a favourite gym outfit or dedicate a tv show to watch while you exercise. Do more of what you love to help your fitness experience and your health and wellbeing journey too.  


4. Find a workout buddy

Think of someone who you love spending time with or brightens your day when you see them and ask them to your workout friend. Having a workout buddy is good because, 1) You will be excited to plan your workouts together and it will make exercising more enjoyable, 2) You will be motivated to keep ongoing. You will less likely cancel as you will both be relying on one and other.


5. Play Games

You might enjoy watching or playing sports or interested in learning how to play sports games such as basketball, hockey, football. Playing sports games is a great way of being active because when you play athletic games you are constantly moving your body, burning calories and increasing your heart rate. As a result, keeping your body fit and healthy. Playing sports has a social element too, you can meet new people, make friends and this can fitness more enjoyable.


6. The ultimate fitness experience, hire a personal trainer 

If you want someone to challenge as well as cheer you on then hiring a personal trainer could be a good option for you. Our personal trainers at Slice of Life are specialised in tailoring an exercise program that is specific to you. They are knowledgeable, approachable and they will motivate you to help you reach your goals. Our members receive a free personal training session, to discuss your individual goals and help you get started in the right direction. If you'd like some more information on personal training please email personaltrainers@slice-of-life.co.uk


7. Move your body throughout the day 

Think about new ways to make sure you are moving during the day. If you work then consider cycling to work or park further away from the office/workplace to get in some extra steps. You could do squats, sit-ups or push-ups when you're watching the morning news. 


Make fitness a lifestyle habit

By incorporating all of the above tips you can make a better fitness experience for yourself which will help make fitness a habit. Many people think that exercising can be too time-consuming, or boring but that doesn't have to be the case. If you focus on different muscle groups every workout, move during the day, have a workout buddy, hire a personal trainer or attend your free initial consultation at Slice of Life Gym, play sports, and find your favourite exercises then you can create and build a fitness routine which you love and will stick to. 

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