How to stay motivated to exercise!


Are you trying to lose some weight or get back into shape but starting to lose motivation after a few weeks of your new fitness program? If you're struggling to stick to your fitness schedule then carry on reading our top tips on how you can stay focused if you’re starting to lose your motivation to exercise and create healthy lifestyle habits.


1. Learn from your past experiences 

When you think back at your previous attempts of weight loss or getting into fitness and exercising, ask yourself what made you quit before and if you are on the same path as previously? You could be stuck in a pattern that you haven't recognised previously. Break the cycle by working out what went wrong in the past. Some problems could include your diet being too restricted and therefore hard or unhealthy to maintain, leaving you feeling deprived of eating your favourite foods; tiredness and achy muscles from working out too often or for too long; uncertainty about how you should be exercising; or just feeling too busy and unsure how to incorporate fitness into your current lifestyle.


By making a list of what you found difficult and struggled with it can help you work around the issues you faced previously. For example, if your diet was too strict before then make smaller changes to your diet instead. If you feel too busy and don’t know how to squeeze in a workout then try doing a 30-minute HIIT workout instead.



2. Be realistic 

Many people struggle with their health and fitness goals because they are waiting for something amazing to happen. But the truth is that losing weight or shaping up is not an overnight process and is often not a linear process either. It is important to remember that there are no quick fixes or shortcuts to losing weight and getting fitter because it truly is a process. Make sure that you’re setting yourself realistic goals and that you are giving your body time to adjust and respond to the changes you’re making. Noticeable changes can take weeks or even months.




3. Reignite your motivation

Many of us will get a burst of motivation when we decide to lose weight, and the burst of motivation will carry us through the initial few weeks of a new lifestyle plan. But after a couple of months of working through your new plan, it is normal to lose some of that energy or motivation because the buzz has started to die off and you may begin to wonder if you should give up.  But before you give up:

  • Revisit your goals – what was the reason you started this journey in the first place?

  • Remind yourself of how far you have already come – don’t just think about how much weight you’ve lost but how exercise has improved your life. For example, do you have more energy now or do you feel stronger? 

  • Change your routine – changing your workout schedule or trying a new class by trying something new you can regain your motivation and the buzz for exercising 


4. Don’t forget to reward yourself 

Giving yourself small rewards for exercising can help you be more excited about continuing your health and fitness journey. Booking in for a massage every once in a while is great and will also help your progress and help prevent any injuries. Other rewards if you don’t want to opt for the massage then you could include buying new workout clothes or headphones to help get you in the zone when you workout.


5. Try everything you can to stay on track 

Before you quit try everything you can to help you stay on track. If you feel that you are working out less and less then try to give yourself a target of a minimum amount of exercise per week. Some other options to get back on track include:

  • Hiring a personal trainer (memberships at Slice of Life include an initial free personal training consultation where you can discuss with a trainer your goals and help form a new routine)

  • Find a friend to your workout buddy, this will mutually benefit both of you 

  • Book a class you haven’t tried yet at Slice of Life Gym, sometimes you need to try something new to keep you going


6. Stop making excuses

Before you make an excuse, because that is what you are doing, to not go to the gym or class think of the following to remotivate yourself:

  • Remind yourself of how good you will feel after you finish your workout 

  • Remind yourself that completing the workout will give you more energy for the rest of the day 

  • Remind yourself that you never regret a workout 


7. Keep an open mind 

When you’re bored of your plan this can be the perfect sign to try something new – if what you’re doing isn’t working then find something that does work for you. At Slice of Life Gym, we have a variety of classes throughout the week with supportive fitness instructors to help you through the class. Try a new class or try the gym for a change and go out of your comfort zone – it will only do you good – change only happens when you change!


8. Track your progress 

Another way of staying motivated is by tracking your progress so that you can see how far you have come. Keep a diary or use your phone calendar to make note of the workouts that you have done and any milestones that you have hit. Knowing that you're writing down your accomplishments can give you the extra push to carry on! Have regular weighing's and take your measurements or even taking a fitness test can all help you stay on track. Also be aware of how you are progressing and making positive changes, maybe by noticing that your clothes are feeling looser, or you don't feel out of breath as quickly during a class. Using a progress chart or creating a diary is a great way of staying on track of your progress.


If you feel like you have lost your motivation, pop in and speak to us and we will be happy to help you continue your journey and get you back on the right track. We are here to help you! If you have any queries about personal training with one of personal trainers or book in your free initial personal training consultation, then email us on Feel like trying a new class? Then have a look at our timetable with our huge variety of classes available throughout the week!






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