How to make the most of a group fitness class at slice of life 





We know that sometimes joining a group fitness class can feel overwhelming especially if you are new to fitness. However, we believe group fitness classes can help you achieve great results. At Slice of Life, we have a huge variety of classes so you are bound to find a class which you will enjoy! Follow our tips below to make sure you make the most out of the group fitness classes.


Turn up early 

If you arrive early to the class this can allow you to ask any questions you may have and receive help with setting up equipment if it is being used in the class. Make sure if you're taking part in a class like BODYPUMP to not use too heavy, although this can be tempting it can lead to injury. We recommend choosing a weight that is slightly less than what you can handle, as you can always add more during the workout if you feel the need to.


Don’t hide in the back of the class

When you are new to group fitness and are not sure about what you are doing it can be really easy to go to the back of the studio when joining a group fitness class and hide. Try and avoid hiding because the instructor may not be able to see you at the back to help you correct your form, give you guidance and encouragement if you are hiding behind others. You will be able to follow the instructions and guidance better if you are towards the front of the class. If you feel too nervous to join the front row try to the second row. 


Talk to the class instructor

If it's your first time coming to a fitness class, or you have an injury or have any worries make sure to speak to the class instructor before the class starts. So the instructor can give you any advice or information to help you get through the class. If you have an injury, the instructor can then offer you alternative moves which won't affect any existing injuries. It can take a few tries to get your form correct, so don't feel embarrassed if it's not perfect on your first try, take in all feedback from the instructor and work on improving!


Leave your ego at the door 

You may have a bit of confidence if you’ve workout out before and this could make you tempted to a bit of a show in the class, but showing off can leader to injuries. Every instructor adds their unique twist to the class, so don't expect all instructors to follow the same class routine. It is good to try new routines, different instructors and different classes otherwise you can become too comfortable with the same class and you won't be challenging yourself enough and experience a plateau in progress.


Take a break if you need to 

Don’t feel afraid to take a break during the class if you feel as though need one. Remember that there is a difference between pushing yourself/ challenging yourself and pushing yourself too hard and risking a potential injury. Taking a break is not a sign of weakness, participate in a class at your own pace.


Don’t forget to have fun 

Have fun in a class! Make the most of the class, have fun and loosen up and don't be so hard on yourself that you end up not enjoying the class. Group fitness classes are a great way to socialise, meet new people, make new friends and reach your fitness goals at the same time. Getting to know the instructor and the other class members will help build your confidence and you will begin to push yourself when you feel comfortable.


At Slice of Life, we have over 40 classes a week on the timetable, and if you don't feel quite ready for an in-person group fitness class you can join one of our live stream classes from the comfort of your own home! If you have any more questions about group fitness classes at Slice of Life Gym please email us at We hope to see you in a class soon!

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