How our fitness classes benefit your mind, body and soul









Lockdown restrictions are soon to be eased and it’s time to start booking more classes at Slice of Life! It’s well known that fitness classes are good for our bodies, but they are also proven to benefit our overall wellbeing too. Whether the classes are online live-streamed or in person, fitness classes benefit every aspect of health – your mind, body and soul.


Here is exactly how fitness classes benefit your health…


Your mind

We all know that there is a lot to manage in our daily lives and that it can be stressful, but did you know that roughly 35% of adults globally report that they experience stress regularly throughout their day?


Several studies have shown that group fitness is incredibly beneficial to our health and wellbeing to those who suffer from stress.  A study conducted by Dayna M.Yorks, Christopher A. Frothingham, and Mard D. Schuenke, was published in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association. The study involved 69 patient completing a series of group fitness classes in 12 weeks, whilst being regularly surveyed. The results concluded that all participants experienced mental, physical and emotional benefits, as well as their stress levels, were positively impacted. Overall, stress levels decreased by 26%, and the results showed that people who chose to exercise alone instead of in a group fitness class did not benefit as much as those who participate in group fitness. Many of our members tell us that coming along to a group fitness class or a personal training session helps reduce their stress – you never regret a workout!


Your body

Exercising is the best way to keep your body in the best physical condition. The more group fitness classes you do the better your cardiovascular endurance will be. With over 40 different classes weekly at Slice of Life, you will find a variety of classes that you’ll enjoy. Finding a class that you enjoy, will make the workout more fun and you will be more likely to work harder. As well as the additional encouragement you will receive from the instructor and the other members will help you push yourself. You are more likely to push yourself in a group class than working out on your own, which can enhance your muscular endurance – a similar process to improving your cardiovascular endurance.


Attending group fitness classes can help make you feel more accountable and motivated because you have booked a class, so you know that you don’t want to cancel or miss the class. Building a regular routine will help build your muscle and increase your muscular endurance. Group fitness classes can benefit your quality of sleep, gives you more energy throughout the day and increase your response time.


Your soul

It is as important to take care of your soul as it is to take care of your body – which group fitness classes can help you to do!


When you finish a group fitness class with Slice of Life, you will feel an overwhelming sense of achievement, as well as knowing that you have done something good for yourself. It is easy to let the stressful days take over and bog you down but when you do something positive for yourself like a group fitness class you will experience an immediate positive outcome. Creating a routine and continuing to take part in group classes will help you keep making more progress and boost your self-esteem too. The more classes you do the more confident you will feel in yourself and your skills, and you will notice the improvements in yourself quickly.


Keep completing classes and workouts regularly and the better your mind, body and soul will be, which is important and beneficial in the tough times of lockdown.


How does exercise work?

Exercise works your muscles in a way that stops them from tensing – many people feel the tension in their neck, back and shoulders when they’re stressed. Exercising and physical activity allows your muscle to relax and releases endorphins.  When your body is more relaxed and producing a higher level of endorphins your mind is more at ease.


Working out can help provide distractions from any negative thoughts, group fitness classes can help shift your focus from those negative thoughts. Group fitness classes can be a sociable experience, even if you are taking part in one of our online live stream classes - you can still interact and see other members! Bringing a friend or family member to a class can help you feel motivated, make exercise more enjoyable and helps keep you committed to your routine.


One of the most noticeable effects of going to fitness classes are the physical effects, and you will be able to notice your body changing physically and the way you feel mentally.


Here are a few more mental benefits from exercise:

  • Releases stress

  • Helps reduce depression

  • Relieves anxiety

  • Reduces symptoms of ADHD

  • Helps with PTSD and traumatic events


Remember to focus on the activities which you enjoy to help benefit you physically and mentally! We have plenty of choice for fitness classes with over 40 different classes a week at Slice of Life, and they are easy to book using our Slice of Life app!


Change up your routine

When was the last time you changed things up with your routine?


Adding regular classes to your daily routine can help keep you motivated, makes lockdown that little bit easier, and nourish your mind, body and soul. Our fitness classes are easy to book using our Slice of Life app or on our website, and with so many classes you are bound to find some new favourites to add to your daily routine. Spending that time each day on yourself to improve your physical and mental wellbeing makes the world of a difference, and it’s enjoyable too!


Come and try one of our classes, or try a class you haven’t tried before yet, get involved to see how you will benefit from our classes at Slice of Life. Your first class is free!

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