At Slice-of-LIfe we aim to provide easy access to first class Fitness and Well-being Services in the community of Kingsnorth Ashford and the neighbouring villages in Kent. We pride ourselves in our team, who, like our clients are part of the local community. We are passionate about what we do and want to share our enthusiasm.



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We have a huge range of classes.  We encourage everyone to try a class taught by one of our amazing instructors; a large number of our classes are livestreamed so you can workout at home if you cannot malke it to the gym.  We also offer you the chance to access Les Mills on Demand free for 30 days & then at reduced cost,  click here.

SOL Gym 

Our gym is a friendly well equipped space supervised by our exceptional personal trainers.  All gym memberships include an initial consultation which we encourage you to take to help you achieve the results you are looking for by using our facilities effectively. Currently independent gym workouts are bookable as Open Gym to ensure your space & time.